2350 Last Call: The Neo Story

Feature Documentary
Presented with: CHIRP Radio
DIRECTOR: Eric Richter
COUNTRY: United States | 46 min.
Q & A with: Director Eric Richter, Neo DJs Suzanne Shelton, Jeff Moyer, and Scary Lady Sarah, Neo bouncer Brian Dickie, Metro/GMan Tavern owner Joe Shanahan (3:30 and 7 PM shows)
SCREENING WITH: "Plastic Heart" - Ghost Twin

WHERE: GMan Tavern - 3740 North Clark Street
Sunday, November 12 @ 1:30 PM
Tickets: $12.00

3:30 and 7 PM screenings sold out! Tickets for all shows include entry to our closing-night party featuring Neo DJs Suzanne Shelton, Jeff Moyer, and Scary Lady Sarah (8:45 PM, GMan Tavern, re-entry is first-come, first-served).

Opened in 1979 as Chicago's first alternative dance club, Neo reigned for 36 years as a sanctuary for misfits, weirdos, and outcasts and ground zero for an explosion of fashion and music trends. Richter's labor-of-love documentary debut is a true testimonial of a club that not only outlasted its competitors but never lost its attitude, or its reputation as a place where people celebrated their individuality and danced their asses off.