Best Music Video: Goths! On the Bus (Karen and Jaimz Asmundsen, Canada)
Best Short Documentary: Music Man Murray (Richard Parks, USA)
Best Short Fiction: Narcocorrido (Ryan Prows, USA)
Best Feature Fiction: Sons of Norway (Jens Lien, Norway)
Best Feature Documentary: Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet (Jesse Vile, USA/UK)
Special Jury Award: Charles Bradley: Soul of America (Poull Brien, USA)



Bad Brains: Band in DC (Mandy Stein & Benjamin Logan, USA)

California Solo (Marshall Lewy, USA)

Charles Bradley: Soul of America (Poull Brien, USA)

Control Tower (Kanseito) (Takahiro Miki, Japan)

Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost): A Film About Bobby Bare Jr. (William Miller, USA)

Fluchkes (Ofer Inov, Israel)

Ganzfield (Brian Torrey Scott, USA)

High Road (Matt Walsh, USA)

Holiday Road (Michael Suter & Kevin Brennan & Doug Manley, USA)

I Want My Name Back (Roger Paradiso, USA)

Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy (Rob Heydon, Canada)

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet (Jesse Vile, UK)

Just Like Being There (Scout Shannon, USA)

Louder Than Love: The Grand Ballroom Story (Tony D’Annunzio, USA)

Nyman in Progress (Silvia Beck, Germany)

One Night Stand (Elisabeth Sperling & Trish Dalton, USA)

Pank: The Rise of Punk in Chile (Martin Nunez, Chile)

Punk In Africa (Deon Maas & Keith Jones, South Africa)

Punk’s Not Dead (Vladimir Blazevski, Macedonia)

Queens of Country (Ryan Page & Christopher Pomerenke, USA)

Roller Town (Andrew Bush, Canada)

Rostropovich and Shostakovich (Mekhti Mammadov, USA)

Sons of Norway (Jens Lien, Norway)

The Beat is the Law (Eve Wood, UK)

The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best (Ryan O’Nan, USA)

The Girls in the Band (Judy Chaikin, USA)

The Posters Came From The Walls (Jeremy Deller & Nick Abrahams, UK)

This Band Is So Gorgeous! Sham 69 in China (Dunstan Bruce, UK)

Uprising: Hip Hop and the LA Riots (Mark Ford, USA)

Vinylmania (Paolo Campana, Italy)



Blah Blah Blah – “Why Am I The Only One Laughing” (Kasia Konair, USA)

Brad Standley & The Foxflies – “Tik Tok Nation” (Anais Godard, USA)

Chris Connelly – “Wait For Amateur” (Shayna Connelly, USA)

Face Time Police – “Nothing Left To Break” (James Serra, USA)

Factal Farm – “Bloodless” (Devin DiMattia, USA)

Ima Robot – “Greenback Boogie” (Frank Jerky, Italy)

Irene (Paola Marino, Canada)

Lucy Schwartz – “Life in Letters” (Mallory Morrison & Shiloh Strong, USA)

Man Man – “Piranhas Club” (Lex Halaby, USA)

Mo Kenny – “Eden” (Greg Jackson, Canada)

Sei Ottavi – “Vuccieria” (Michele Di Salle, Italy)

Tijuana Hercules – “Quicksand Passin’ Through” (Shawn Brennan & John Vernon Forbes, USA)

Timmy Grins – “Last Call” (Fabio Lemlino, USA)

Urban Myth (Erin O’Brien, USA)

Young Circles – “Love Hitch” (Adam Badlotto, USA)



Queens of Country with Lizzy Caplan, Joe Lo Truglio, Matt Walsh, Ryan Page & Christopher Pomerenke

I Want My Name Back with Roger Paradiso, Wonder Mike & Master Gee

Irvine Welsch’s Ecstasy with Rob Heydon and Irvine Welsh

Parallax Sounds with Augusto Contento (???)

Holiday Road with Michael Suter, Kevin M. Brennan, Doug Manley, Zachary Ross & Summer Perry

Uprising: Hip Hop & the LA Riots with Warren Cohen

Louder Than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story with Tony D’Annunzio

Just Like Being There with Scout Hannon & Steve Walters

Occupy CIMMFest Videos and Discussion



Keirda Bahruth (Director/Producer; Bob and the Monster, We Live In Public)

Warren Cohen (Producer/Writer; VH1 Docs That Rock, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly)

Marty Lennartz (Creative Director of Programming; WXRT)

Dave Watson (Cofounder; MusicFilmWeb)

Allison Anders (Director; Sugar Town, Strutter, Grace of My Heart)

Jon Langford (Musician; the Waco Brothers, the Mekons)

John McNaughton (Director; Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Without a Trace, Wild Things, Mad Dog and Glory)

Irvine Welsh (Writer/Producer; Trainspotting)


A Retrospective with Les Blank: Dizzy Gillespie, Always For PleasureSpend It All, Dry WoodZiveli! & A Well Spent Life

Exclusive Work-In-Progress Preview: Parallax Sounds (Augusto Contento) with Steve Albini, Ken Vandermark and Augusto Contento

Rock Poster Show with Scout Shannon and Steve Walters



Approximately Nels Cline (Steven Okazaki, USA)

Audiogram (Alice Ionescu, Romania)

Below New York (Matt Finlin, USA)

Da! A Concert Film (Robert Beshara, USA)

Goths! On the Bus! (Karen & Jaimz Asmundson, Canada)

Hamac Caziim (H. Paul Moon, USA)

Heart of Rhyme (Cory Bowles, Canada)

How to Make Your Own Paul Pilot Record (Ryan Suffern, UK)

Il Maestro (Jennie Paddon, UK)

Incest! The Musical (Grant Reed, USA)

Jesus Christ! That’s Hardcore (Ryan Britton, USA)

Man & Machine: A Naked Robotic Love Story (Jesse Roesler, Belgium)

Music Man Murray (Richard Parks, USA)

Narcocorrido (Ryan Prows, USA)

Negativipeg (Matthew Ranklin, Canada)

One Big Holiday (Michael Field, USA)

Protect The Nation (C.R. Reisser, Germany/South Africa)

Revenge of the Mekons (Joe Angio, USA)

Signs & Vibrations (Nalia Giovanoli, Switzerland)

The Coconut (Nimisha Mukerji, Canada)

The Collegians (Bryan Lewis, USA)

The Yodeling Farmer (Mike Maryniuk & John Scoles, Canada)

Too Close to the Sky (Denis Quinn, Japan)

Two Sisters (Anthony Ladesich, USA)



Abstract Black at Rodan

ADULT. at Wicker Park Arts Center

Awe Dub Sessions at Rodan

Bobby Bare Jr. at The Hideout

Damon Locks at Wicker Park Arts Center

Hot As Hell at Wicker Park Arts Center

Hubble at Wicker Park Arts Center

Jay E at Debonair

Jeff Harms at Wicker Park Arts Center

Kevin Brennan at Wicker Park Arts Center

Kids These Days at Double Door

Lawrence Peters Outfit at The Hideout

Melody Nife at Wicker Park Arts Center

Mucca Pazza at Wicker Park Arts Center

Nora O’Connor at Wicker Park Arts Center

Rapper’s Delight at Double Door

Sister Spit at Beauty Bar & Wicker Park Arts Center

Zachary Ross at Wicker Park Arts Center


Bobby Bare Jr. & Lawrence Peters Outfit with Don’t Follow Me I’m Lost (William Miller) Mucca Pazza with Fanfare for Marching Band (Daniele Wilmouth & Peter Carpenter)

Sister Spit with Michelle Tea, Dorothy Allison & Mx. Justin Vivian Bond

ADULT. & Hubble with ADULT.’s Three Grace(s) Triptych (Nicola Kuperus & Adam Lee Miller)

Melody Nife with Sci Fi Sol (Joseph Richard Lewis)



Beat (Short Fiction, New Zealand, Virginia Pitts)

The Death of Triforce (Short Documentary, USA, Jon Salimes & Anthony Lopez)

Doina (Short Fiction, Romania, Nikolas Grasso)

Dress to Impress (Short Fiction, USA, Lizette Montesinos)

Elsewhere (Short Fiction, UK, Mathy Tremewan & Fran Broadhurst)

Eyes Manouche (Short Documentary, USA, Ratko Momcilovic)

The Glitter Emergency (Short Fiction, USA, Paul Festa)

Hard Rock Havana (Short Documentary, USA, Nicholas Brennan)

How to Win an (Oscar) Award (Short Documentary, USA, Dan Mirvish)

An Impression: Dischord Records (Short Documentary, USA, Leena Jayaswal & Kylos Brannon)

Legend: A Film about Greg Garing (Short Documentary, USA, Emily Branham)

Lifetime (Short Fiction, UK, Hugh Stoddart)

Made in China (Short Documentary, China/USA, Javier Roberto Carlos)

Meshes of Fear Land (Short Fiction, USA, Amir George)

Mrs. Buck in Her Prime (Short Documentary, USA, Erick Yates Green)

R. Luke Dubois: Running Out of Time (Short Documentary, USA, H. Paul Moon)

Si Bemol (Short Fiction, Spain, Clara Martínez-Lázaro Alameda)

The Silent World of Hector Mann (Short Fiction, UK, Ryan Suffern)

Tortue (Short Fiction, USA, David Fishel)

When Skies Are Blue (Short Fiction, USA, Tony Nawrocki)

X Magazine Benefit (Short Documentary, USA, Coleen Fitzgibbon & Alan Moore)

XXIX (Short Fiction, Canada, Laurel MacDonald)




Backyard Tire Fire, Steepwater Band, and Hollus at Double Door

Mike Watt & the Missingmen at Schubas

All Natural Group at Subterranean

Ha Ha Tonka, The Spring Standards, and Jerome Holloway at Subterranean

Tutu & the Pirates at Double Door

Tim Rutili & Gillian Lisee, Gurf Morlix at Hideout

Eyes Manouche at Chicago Cultural Center

Ang13 & Urbanized Music at Chicago Cultural Center


Bouncing Cats (Feature Documentary, USA/Uganda, Nabil Elderkin)

Fix: The Ministry Movie (Feature Documentary, USA, Douglas Freel)

Freaks in Love (Feature Documentary, USA, Skizz Cyzyk & David Koslowski)

Puccini and the Girl (Feature Fiction, Italy, Paolo Benvenuti & Paola Baroni)

We Jam Econo (Feature Documentary, USA, Tim Irwin)



Wrekmeister Harmonies accompany Lucifer Rising & Scorpio Rising (Kenneth Anger)

Joan of Arc accompany The Passion of Joan of Arc (France, 1929, Carl Th. Dreyer)

Paul Festa accompanies The Glitter Emergency

Utopia in Four Movements: A Live Documentary by Sam Green and Dave Cerf with the Quavers

Brent Green, Brendan Canty, Donna K, Drew Henkels, John Michael Swartz, Mike McGinley, and Alan Scalpone accompany Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then (USA, Brent Green)



Martin Atkins (musician: Pigface, PiL; director, 16 Days in China)

Steven A. Jones (producer, Henry… Portrait of a Serial Killer)

Marty Lennartz (DJ, WXRT)

Joe Losurdo (musician, director: You Weren’t There)

Christina Tillman (director: You Weren’t There)

Ambrose Roche (film producer, film programmer at North by Northeast)

Shanti Masud (filmmaker, musician, actress, two-time winner of Best Short Film at CIMMfest)

Justine Nagan (executive director of Kartemquin Films)

DJ Spooky (writer, conceptual artist, musician)

Tim Rutili (singer and guitarist, Califone)



“The Internet Has Destroyed and/or Saved the Music Industry,” featuring Devin DiMattia and AV Club Chicago writers Josh Modell and Nathan Rabin.

“Independent Music Promotion in Chicago” featuring the staff of, Chicago Hip-Hop Initiative founder Amina Norman-Hawkins, and venue owners.

“The Greatest Music Video Ever Made” featuring music video director Douglas Freel, AV Club Chicago film writer Keith Phipps, and others.

“Post Rock on Film” featuring producer Giancarlo Grande and musicians Damon Locks and Wayne Montana (The Eternals), Azita, and others



Bambu – “Old Man Raps” (USA, Patricio Ginelsa)

The Bedroom Philosopher – “Northcote (So Hungover)” (Australia, Craig Melville)

Drunken Monkee – “Get It Off My Chest” (USA, Amir George)

Face Time Police – “Seashells” (USA, Corey Martinez)

Hauscha – “Morgenrot” (Germany, Jeff Desom)

Maryanne Camallari – “Look to the Sea” (USA, Cable Hardin)

Mashitup – “Ad Ogni Danz” (Italy, Mario Tani)

Matta – “Mass” (Spain, ID:Mora)

Norden Bombsight – “Help Desk” (USA, Roy Eventov)

Oh My God – “Bring Yourself” (USA, Dan Bigelow)

Ruby Isle – “So Damn High” (USA, Kylos Brannon)

Samwell – “My Knees Gettin’ Dirty” (USA, Josh da Silva)

Supertoy – “She Wants a Man” (USA, Amir George)

Transfer – “Take Your Medicine” (USA, Nader Husseini)



The Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi (Feature Documentary, USA, Andrew Thomas & Toby Gleason)

Arias with a Twist (Feature Documentary, USA, Bobby Sheehan)

The Ballad of Mott the Hoople (Feature Documentary, UK, Chris Hall & Mike Kerry)

Blaze Foley: Duct Tape Messiah (Feature Documentary, USA, Kevin Triplett)

Bob and the Monster (Feature Documentary, USA, Keirda Bahruth)

Bollywood Dream (Feature Fiction, Brazil, Beatriz Seigner)

Color Me Obsessed (Feature Documentary, USA, Gorman Bechard)

Dream Factory (Feature Documentary, South Korea, Kim Sung-Kyun)

Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone (Feature Documentary, USA, Chris Metzler & Lev Anderson)

The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of Jose Gonzalez (Feature Documentary, Sweden, Mikel Cee Karlsson & Fredrik Egerstrand)

Firewall of Sound (Feature Documentary, USA, Devin DiMattia)

Flames of God (Feature Documentary, France/Macedonia, Meshakai Wolf)

High on Hope (Feature Documentary, UK, Piers Sanderson)

I, Don Giovanni (Feature Fiction, Italy/Spain, Carlos Saura)

An Island (Feature Documentary, France, Vincent Moon)

Ivory Tower (Feature Fiction, Canada, Adam Traynor)

Journey of a Dream (Feature Documentary, Canada, Shenpenn Khymsar)

Keep It Moving (Feature Documentary, USA, Amina Norman-Hawkins)

KMS: African Jews (Feature Documentary, Israel, Moran Ifergan)

Last Days Here (Feature Documentary, USA, Don Argott & Demian Fenton)

My House Stood in Sulukule (Feature Documentary, Austria, Astrid Heubrandtner)

No Fun City (Feature Documentary, Canada, Melissa James & Kate Kroll)

Outside Industry: The Story of SXSW (Feature Documentary, USA, Alan Berg)

Player Hating: A Love Story (Feature Documentary, USA, Maggie Hadleigh-West)

Pleasant People (Feature Fiction, USA, David Bonawits)

Rio Sonata (Feature Documentary, France/Brazil, Georges Gaschot)

Road Dogs (Feature Documentary, USA, Shane Aquino)

Rock ’n’ Roll… Of Corse! (Feature Documentary, France, Stephane Bebert & Lionel Guedj)

Score: A Hockey Musical (Feature Fiction, Canada, Michael McGowan)

The Shukar Collective Project (Feature Documentary, Romania, Matei-Alexandru Mocanu)

Sizzle (Feature Fiction, UK, Christopher Menaul)

Songs Along a Stony Road (Feature Documentary, USA/Netherlands, George Csicsery)

Sound It Out (Feature Documentary, UK, Jeanie Finlay)

Sounds Like a Revolution (Feature Documentary, Canada, Summer Preney & Jane Michener)

Superstonic Sound: The Rebel Dread (Feature Documentary, UK, Raphael Erichsen & Edward Dallal)

Upside Down: The Creation Records Story (Feature Documentary, UK, Danny O’Connor)

Who Put the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour (Feature Documentary, USA, Kerthy Fix)

You Can’t Sing It for Them: Continuity, Change, and a Church (Feature Documentary, USA, Margot Fassler & Jacqueline Richard)



Best Feature Documentary: Bob and the Monster (USA, Keirda Bahruth)

Best Feature Fiction: Score: A Hockey Musical (Canada, Michael McGowan)

Best Short Documentary: R. Luke Dubois: Running Out of Time (USA, H. Paul Moon)

Best Short Fiction: Doina (Romania, Nikolas Grasso)

Best Music Video: Hauscha – “Morgenrot” (Germany, Jeff Desom)