CIMMfest 2017 Award Winners!

Winner: Documentary Feature

Scream for Me Sarajevo
Director: Tarik Hodzic
Country: Bosnia | 94 min.
In the besieged Sarajevo of December 1994 — a city without electricity or clean running water, whose inhabitants daily dodged Serb shelling and sniper fire — it seemed a fantastical rumor: Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson was coming to play a show. This is a story about people who risked their lives to perform for people who risked their lives just to live them, and about how music provides hope in the direst circumstances.

CIMMfest - The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival

Winner: Documentary Short

Directors: Dan Boord, Luis Valdovino
Country: United States | 7 min.
The classic title song, a lilting waltz written in 1932 by Don Santiago Jiménez and performed here by his namesake son, accompanies a Sunday drive through South Texas conjunto country.

Winner: Best Feature Fiction

Director: Malcolm M. Mays
Country: United States | 108 min.
Writer/director Mays, currently co-starring in Snowfall, and rapper/actor Tristan “Mack” Wilds (of The Wire and Adele’s “Hello” video) are X and Nisha, childhood friends from South Central who turn a game of crooning smooth R&B versions of rock and pop classics into a series of viral tracks. A canny mix of urban drama, romance, bromance, and cautionary tale on the perils of returning to the ’

Winner: Special Jury Prize, Feature Fiction 

The Icarus Line Must Die
Director:Michael Grodner
Country: United States | 83 min.
Fifteen years ago, the Icarus Line was rocketing to the top of the LA underground with a hot debut album and a major-label deal. Now frontman Joe Cardamone is 36 and broke, the record companies won’t touch his new stuff … and he’s getting death threats by text. Cardamone co-wrote the script (with director Grodner) and plays a thinly veiled version of himself in this No Wave-style noir about navigating the modern music biz, co-starring Ariel Pink and Keith Morris

CIMMfest - The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival

Winner: Fiction Short

Apocalypse Rock
Director: Brian Pennington
Country: United States | 25 min.
It’s the end of the world as he knows it, and Tom Harper feels like rocking. From his radio bunker, the last DJ blasts out blazing tunes in hopes of reaching any rockers left alive — or just staying sane.

CIMMfest - The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival

Winner: Original Score

Karl Wirsum
Director: Suzanne Simpson
Country: United States | 14 min.
Karl Wirsum creates psychedelic marionettes while musing shyly on his inspirations in this playful, long-lost portrait of a key Chicago artist early in his career, digitally restored and featuring a new recording of the mind-bending ragtime/electronic score.

Winner: Killer Soundtrack

How They Got Over
Director: Robert Clem
COUNTRY: United States | 87 min.

A long-overdue look at journey of young black men who found a way out of poverty through spiritual music in the first half of the 20th century. Tastefully mixing vintage clips, archival images, and interviews with members of the Blind Boys of Alabama, the Soul Stirrers, the Dixie Hummingbirds, and other groups, this is the quintessential history of gospel music’s legendary quartets and their enduring influence on rock, soul, and R&B.

Willie Rogers, the last lead singer of the legendary Soul Stirrers, and Bob Marovich, author of A City Called Heaven: Chicago and the Birth of Gospel Music, join the producer and director for a post-screening conversation.

CIMMfest - The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival

Winner: Music Video

“L’aurore” – Yeti Lane
Directors: Simon Gesrel, Arnaud ViŽmont
COUNTRY: France | 5 min.

Plastic poseable stop-motion mayhem breaks out at the Pandora diner.