CIMMfest Friday Night! + Afterparty!

CIMMfest - The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival

Join us for CIMMfest Friday Night to The Nth Power!
The Nth Power / Ghost Note / MonoNeon
Presented with: Martyrs’
Friday, November 10 @ 9:00 PM / Martyrs’
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Since they first came together at a 3 a.m. jam at New Orleans Jazz Fest 2012, the Nth Power have been defying and redefining all the conventions of what a band can be.This is a powerhouse quartet of world class players, ones who have powered the music of icons like Beyonce, Chaka Khan, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, Big Daddy Kane, funk innovator Maceo Parker, Groovechild, jazz greats Ravi Coltrane and Matt Garrison to name a few.

CIMMfest Friday Night at the Davis Theater

CIMMfest - The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival

It Never Ends
Dir.Thomas Carillon / Featured Short Documentary / 33 min.
Country: France | 33 min.
Q & A with: Musician Avreeayl Ra, director Thomas Carillon
Friday, November 10 @ 6:10 PM / Davis Theater
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$6 / $8 at the door

Free jazz drummer Avreeayl Ra, an acolyte of Sun Ra and Phil Cohran whom the Chicago Tribune hails as “an indispensable Chicago innovator,” takes a tour of the city places that shaped his life and music.

Screening with: To Be Free -In a smoky after-hours club, Nina Simone (played by director Oduye) achieves a moment of ecstatic freedom while singing a highly personal “My Way.” Gorgeously shot by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Bradford Young.

Hello Hello Hello : Lee Ranaldo : Electric Trim
Chicago Premiere!
Presented with: CHIRP Radio
Dir.Fred Riedel / Feature Documentary / 76 min.
Friday, November 10 @ 7:15 PM / Davis Theater
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An intimate portrait of an adventurous musical mind at work as Sonic Youth guitar genius Lee Ranaldo collaborates with producer RaŸl ?Refree? Hernandez to create his 2017 Mute Records release Electric Trim. Novelist Jonathan Lethem plays writer/muse to Ranaldo’s artist/composer wanderings, layering lyrics across soundscapes built with help from friends like singer Sharon Van Etten and Wilco guitarist Nels Cline. The result is a bold, new sound and a lush and striking departure from Ranaldo?s signature work.

Screening with: “Karl Wirsum” (short film)
$10 / $12 at the door

Join us for CIMMfest Friday Night and Day 2 of the Penelope Spheeris Retrospective!
The Decline of Western Civilization Part III
Presented with: CHIRP Radio, Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF)
Dir. Penelope Spheeris / Feature Documentary / 86 min.
Friday, November 10 @ 7:30 PM / Davis Theater
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Introduced by Chaz Ebert and Penelope Spheeris! Largely unseen for nearly two decades after its brief release, the third installment of Spheeris’s Declinetrilogy chronicles homeless teenage “gutter punks” living on the streets of Los Angeles and explores her relationship with one such kid, called Eyeball. While retaining the LA music frame of its predecessors, Decline III is as much about a generation deeply alienated from mainstream society, and Spheeris’s own journey toward becoming a foster parent to her once-blighted subjects.

Screening with: “The National Rehabilitation Center” (short film)
$10 / $12 at the door

Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution
Midwest Premiere!
Dir.Yony Leyser / Feature Documentary / 83 min.
Friday, November 10 @ 9:30 PM / Davis Theater
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Long before the internet, a pair of Toronto queers used fanzines and no-budget films to create a movement out of whole cloth, sparking a revolution that took punk back to its roots, opened it up to LGBT dissidents, and cleared the way for radical fellow travelers like Pansy Division and riot grrrl. John Waters, Kathleen Hanna, Peaches, and progenitors Bruce La Bruce and G.B. Jones are among those recalling the rise of queercore in this kinetic fanzine of a doc.

$10 / $12 at the door

Introduced by Penelope Spheeris!
Dir.Penelope Spheeris / Feature Fiction / 90 min.
Friday, November 10 @ 9:40 PM / Davis Theater
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Spheeris’s gonzo western drapes the mantle of Wild West mythos on the unlikely shoulders of Jon Cryer and Daniel Roebuck, punk rockers from Queens whose cross-country drive to LA becomes a mission of vengeance when their pal Flea is murdered by a gang of psychotic rednecks led by Fear’s Lee Ving (clearly enjoying himself). Newly restored after decades out of circulation, this is the missing link between Spheeris’s cult ’80s indie films and her ’90s Hollywood success.

Screening with: No Use Walkin’ When You Can Stroll (short film)
$10 / $12 at the door