DOCumentaries in DOCommunities – Let’s Work Together!

CIMMcon Panel
MODERATOR: Caryn Capotosto
PANELISTS: Eric Richter, Ruth Leitman, Dan Rybicky

WHERE: The Grafton Pub - 4530 North Lincoln Avenue
Saturday, November 11 @ 3:00 PM
Tickets: FREE - CIMMfest Pass Holders have priority seating, however all CIMMcon events are free and open to the public! Remaining seating will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

This panel will focus on how docs can be used to bring people together and/or create communities linked by their subjects.

One of the most powerful aspects of dcumentaries is that they are often windows into communities other than our own. At their best, documentaries also create openings to dialogue outside of the film and encourage viewers to engage more actively in the world around them. In a variety of ways, all of the filmmakers on this panel have explored the idea of community both through the subjects of their films and by working to build new communities beyond it.