Lera Lynn

CIMMfest - The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival

Live Music
Presented with: Old Town School of Folk Music

WHERE: Old Town School of Folk Music - 4544 N Lincoln Avenue
Saturday, November 11 @ 8:00 PM
Tickets: $26.00

Singer-songwriter. Co-producer. Multi-instrumentalist. Lera Lynn juggles multiple roles on Resistor, an album that finds the Nashville transplant embellishing her Americana roots with a mix of spacey, left-of-center rock and experimental pop-noir.
“Resistor has this otherworldly quality to it, this darkness, this sense of atmosphere and space,” says Lynn. “We used a lot of baritone guitar, which at once roots and spears through everything, with the vocals floating above and around. There's a slow-burning intensity that at times sounds a little spooky. It's creepy and lovely.”