CIMMfest – Staff


George Lepauw, Executive Director

Bryonia Liggins, Executive Assistant

Maja Henderson, Director of Operations

Gary Kuzminski, Creative and Marketing Director

Carmine Cervi, Creative and Finance Director

Andy Markowitz, Director of Film Program

Ana Wright, Director of Education

Jonathan Meeks, Director of Music Program

Rondell Merrill, Director of Film Operations

Zerina Spahic, Director of Sales and Box Office

Cedrika McCartney, Hospitality Manager

Nicole Humphrey, Volunteer Manager

Joe Delci, Webmaster

Nina Wieda, Student Film Curator

Michael Phillips, Music Video Curator

Brian Cicero, Music Manager

Drea Gonzalez, Marketing Manager

Julia Schroeder, Press Manager

Kevin Coval, Co-Curator of CIMMcon

Dave Moore, Salesforce Manager

Katie Crain, Salesforce Assistant

Virgil Roundtree, Grant Writer

Screeners: Bryan Wendorf, Jeremy Cargill, Tressa Ferrella, Michael Ognisanti, Tommy van Arsdale, Julian Thomas, Joe Ruffner, Peter Kuttner, Raul Benitez, Colby Barlowe

And the many more volunteers who help make CIMMfest possible!